Career Aspiration Survey

A longitudinal study to track the career aspirations of our students in the Entrepreneurial, Professional and Leadership (EPL) career domains was launched in October 2010. The survey measures their intentions, motivations and efficacies in each of these career domains. This survey has provided a baseline to measure the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives on psychological variables such as career choice, motivation and efficacy. Such research allows for better design of entrepreneurship training and education, alongside more mainstream professional and leadership/management education. This study will lead to the expansion of the corpus of knowledge concerning the design, dissemination and execution of effective strategies for the stimulation of I&E, with a particular focus on the nuances of Asian cultures. The survey system provides students participating in the survey with a personalised feedback report, which will help them better understand their career aspiration profile, and get advice on how they can achieve their career goals.

If you are interested to find out how the CAS can be used as a career development tool for students or working professionals, please contact Edwin Lim at edwin.lim@ntuitive.sg