The Career Aspiration Survey is a longitudinal study to track the career aspirations of our students in the Entrepreneurial, Professional and Leadership (EPL) career domains. The survey was launched in October 2010. 

This survey has provided a baseline to measure the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives on psychological variables such as career choice, motivation and efficacy.  Students participating in the survey are also provided with a personalised feedback report, to help them better understand their career aspiration profile, and get advice on how they can achieve their career goals.

The survey has consistently shown that there is substantial entrepreneurial potential in NTU1:

  • About one-third of respondents expressed the intention to start a business within 10 years upon graduation
    • 7% immediately after graduation
    • 12% in next 5 years
    • 12% in next 10 years
  • 46% reported having participated in at least 1 nascent entrepreneurial activity (e.g. developing business plans)

If you are interested to find out more about the Career Aspiration Survey, please contact ntuitiveinfo@ntuitive.sg.


1From 2016 Career Aspiration Survey