Air T&D Pte Ltd


Company Overview

Air T&D Pte Ltd (ATD) is incorporated in Singapore in March 2014 with a primary focus on research, development and application on Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) systems. Air T&D provides energy efficient solutions for air treatment, flexible air distribution and smart control of ACMV systems. They also provide professional guidelines for energy efficient air-conditioning system retrofit plans.


Air Terminal Units:

Active Thermosiphon Beams (ATB)

Passive Thermosiphon Beams (PTB)

Hybrid Passive Thermosiphon Beams (HPTB)

·         Energy efficient: reduced ventilation fan energy, flexible and independent control of indoor temperature and RH setting

·         Higher efficiency: 15% to 20% higher chiller efficiency

·         Cost effective: low electricity bill, low maintenance cost

·         Better IEQ: better air flow distribution, improved thermal comfort

·         Space saving: 25% saving in terms of ceiling space


Air Treatment:

Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System (LDDS)

·         Low air humidity level: effectively avoiding the occurrence of dew point condition in order to remove extra moisture

·         Low regeneration temperature: as low as 40°C heating source

·         Energy-efficient: replacement of the electricity with low-grade energy, energy saving is up to 30%

·         Improve air quality: liquid desiccant solutions have bactericidal ability

·         Low operation cost

·         Intelligent control

·         Energy recovery

·         High storage capacity


Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

·         High total heat exchanging efficiency

·         Smart control of ventilation on demand



Air Regulation:

Smart Damper

·         Accurate air flow control

·         Optimal fan power consumption

·         Smart indoor CO2 concentration control



Integrated & Intelligent Building Management System – BSTAR

·         Energy Saving: reducing the energy consumption in HVAC equipment by highly intelligent scheduling and automatic control

·         Cost effective: reducing the cost in building management and maintenance by providing efficient and easy-to-use device scheduling and fault detection system