Biomedical & Healthcare

Company Overview

ARTICARES PTE. LTD. is founded in Nanyang Technological University and got incorporated in 2017 in Singapore. As a company, ARTICARES specializes in robotic technological solutions for neurological rehabilitation.


The first among many, ARTICARES’ H-Man is a clinically validated robotic neurorehabilitation solution for patients suffering from sensorimotor disability due to neurological causes such as stroke.

The salient features of the H-Man are as listed below:

·         Portable and compact: Can be placed on a standard table top and used unlike most robotic solutions.

·         Continuum of rehabilitation:

o   Patients can train at hospitals, community centres and even own homes.

o   Patient recovery progress can be tracked by remotely located therapist.

·         Minimally supervised training: Patented training technology enables patients to receive therapist-like training under minimal supervision.

·         Improve therapist productivity by ~65%: The H-Man is clinically validated to improve therapist productivity by ~65% thereby reducing departmental costs or increasing revenues.