BioZ Resource Pte Ltd

Biomedical & Healthcare


Company Overview

BioZ envisions themselves to be the market leader for bioactive collagen in Asia, with a global foothold on the research grade collagen market by producing and providing both traditional collagen products and collagens with novel properties such as optical transparency and tunable flexibility. They see the future of cell culture to be three dimensional. This offers benefits of high cell density, native cell conformations and proper cell-to-cell contacts that are absent in 2D. Type 1 collagen is the main biomaterial that our tissues and organs are made of, and is the best matrix scaffold for research and medical applications. BioZ would like to initiate and ease the transition from 2D to 3D by being a one-stop biomaterial solution to the needs of our customers. BioZ have the capacity to develop collagen prototypes & products for tissue regenerations, wound and burns dressings, 3D bioprinting applications in terms of bio-inks.


BioZ offers Build To Order service to cater to customers’ needs needs and requirement for specialised collagen in areas ranging from basic research to consumer markets.