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Company Overview

Carblicity is a crowdsourcing platform that connects advertisers with private car owners for the purpose of Outdoor Advertising using stickers on cars. This unique relationship allows advertisers to tap on the resources of the everyday man for their advertising purposes, while drivers can now enjoy the rewards once reserved for public transport vehicles.

This new eco system opens up the playing field once monopolised by public transport providers and big corporations with huge advertising budget. Now with Carblicity, any driver can stand to earn financial benefits while advertisers can plan their campaign according to their budget without restrictions such as minimum quantities of cars and campaign duration currently imposed by public transport providers.


Carblicity pays you for driving your car with our advertiser's branding message.

Get paid up to $500 a month for something you already do everyday! That is as good as “free” petrol every month when you join Carblicity. Joining Carblicity is absolutely free! No registration or subscription fee. At Carblicity, you do not pay us. We pay you!


How Carblicity works?

5 simple steps to earn while you drive.

  • Register

  • Choose Campaign

  • Paste Stickers

  • Drive

  • Get Paid

Register your car in our fleet and gain access to all our advertisers. Notifications will be sent to alert you of any new advertisers so that you will not miss out on the chance to get paid to drive.

Why Carblicity works?

Empowering you to make a difference

  • Get paid to drive

  • Choose your favourite brand

  • Empowerment/Outsourcing


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