Cloudzen Pte Ltd

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Company Overview

Cloudzen is the Internet solution company of Cloud Gaming and Mobile Platform as Service offering various means of communications channels through digital entertainment via game stores, communities and social networks. GameCloud serves as the digital distribution platform across platforms, moreover offering numerous solutions through different aspects. Cloudzen aims to reach out to the GameCloud interest group with high quality, efficiency and fun across entertainment contents across the community.


Instant streaming of games through handheld devices, multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking tools. Availability of performing management and admin actions across the range of operations.

With the aid of game streaming technology, gamers are able to play high quality 3D graphic games instantly on the go saving the hassle of downloading.

Gamers can also love broadcast their gameplay to our secured Live Broadcasting Channels as content partners and form their very own interest groups community and fans based.

GameCloud also supports different means of social networking , virtual currency and high quality administration panels to maintain all actions in one place.

GameWork (SDKs) is available to game makers which allows developers to access and integrate GameCloud solutions into their games, inclusive of games, networking, matchmaking, in-game achievements, micro-transactions and support for user-created content through live streaming on community channels.