Food Amicis

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Company Overview

Started in March 2018, Food Amicis is a peer-to-peer mobile app that connects individuals to create convenience - where users can offer their time to help one another to take away food, beverages or groceries all at their convenience. Food Amicis strives to provide the platform for their stakeholders to interact and forge new friendships with their tagline, “Connecting Communities, Creating Convenience”.


Features in Food Amicis’ mobile application that is running live on both the Google Play and App Store:

·         Listing of food delivery offers and food requests onto the platform, saving them both time and money when they order with one another

·         Filtering of food orders and requests based on criteria like ‘Recent’, ‘Near Me’, and ‘Expiring Soon’

·         Map view of where the listings are, and viewing of listings based on specific timings

·         In app chat function that provides flexibility for users to communicate their food order specifics with one another

·         Process built into the chat functionality to allow users to better keep track of orders
           - Accept / Reject Order
           - Set Price of Order
           - Mark as Delivered
           - Leave Feedback

·         In app review system of users to build on the credibility of their community

·         Partnering with food vendors offering discounts to users and providing the vendors with analytics showing when and how many users have used the discount through scanning a QR code

·         Points system to award users for being food buddies providing them with exclusive discounts