Free Wind

Clean Energy

Company Overview

Heat claims the lives of the vulnerable, especially for people living in slums. In 2015, the official death figure for heat wave related deaths in India exceeded 2,000, although reported cases exceeded 3,000. With increasing temperatures these are some of the consequences that must be prevented. What is currently being used right now in Bangladesh are Eco coolers, a zero electricity air cooler that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly but it can however only direct wind from windows.

Free Wind’s product on the other hand, can cool places down by capturing wind from all directions and channeling them into homes.


Free Wind was conceived from the company’s motto “Bringing Abundance to Scarcity” and aims to make use of free energy to create cooler living environments. It is cost-efficient, uses zero electricity and is environmentally friendly as it utilises natural elements to cool down spaces passively.


Free Wind is looking at sustainable and cost-friendly material for its cooling unit to ensure that it can be affordable and at the same time protecting the environment.