MC2 Technology Pte Ltd



Company Overview

MC2 Bike was established in 2013, with the aim of transforming the biking experience. Nothing like others, MC2 bikes are always the most outstanding. Since inception, MC2 caught the attention of biking enthusiasts and was mentioned in numerous sports magazines and press. Additionally MC2 has received awards from MTB news and International Bicycle Design Competition. The latest model, MC2 Chopper Bike is a high quality leisure riding bike that allows riders to cycle in a more comfortable position.


Adorned with the unique modern-edge design, MC2 Chopper Bike is a personal statement of the rider with its customisable outlook. It boasts a comfortable laid-back riding posture with noseless saddle and ergonomic back support for long travel. The traditional bike design is revamped and simplified with a no chain design, saving the rider the trouble of maintenance. Equipped with electric motor and long lasting battery, it could reach max 25km/hr and up to 80km range per charge.