Our Grandfather Story

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Company Overview

Our Grandfather Story is a digital video publisher that documents, curates and retells authentic stories.

Since 2017, they have journeyed across Singapore and beyond to uncover everything from the origins of local childhood treats to no-holds-barred conversations with persons with disabilities — and they barely scratched the surface.

Treading the thin line between old and new, between classic and contemporary, Our Grandfather Story presents overlooked narratives that are timeless, nostalgic, and yet able to spark a sense of delight.

Come Hear Our Grandfather Story.


The company does not believe in making videos to fill spaces in people’s newsfeed or following inane viral trends. While not all stories are new, they can be retold in a more refreshing voice.

Our Grandfather Stories are meaningful yet engaging; they are conversations tailored for digital natives to discover the curious and overlooked. 

The company collaborate with brands and agencies to achieve their media campaign goals.