Scantist Pte. Ltd.


Company Overview

Founded in late 2016 as an NTU spin-off, Scantist believes that security is a critical enabler for success and builds upon their deep scientific expertise and extensive research-base to create vulnerability management solutions that help organizations better navigate the ever-changing cyber-security landscape.


In-Depth Analysis

Scantist’s tools scan every line of the application’s code and binary, unlike their competitors who only scan at the function or file level – leading to an unparalleled scan granularity.

Vulnerability Knowledge Graph

Vulnerabilities seldom exist in isolation. Scantist’s tools provide valuable insights into vulnerability origin, epidemiology as well as remediation to enable comprehensive security management.

License Compliance

Vulnerable open-source components pose a security risk but non-adherence to their licensing policy can result in major legal risks too. Their analysis addresses these risks by providing detailed insights into license compliance. 

Actionable Reports

An analysis is incomplete without a report that is not only detailed, but also actionable. Scantist provides accurate information and support to remediate vulnerabilities quickly.

Cost-Effective Security

Their deep-research and technological innovations have allowed them to price their products extremely competitively – at almost half the price of their nearest competitors.