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Company Overview

SkintechMD is a specialty skin research and digital technology company focusing on improving consumer skin health through the use of data science and artificial intelligence.

It is a cash - flow positive, financially sound company with no debt.


- SkintechMD’s flagship product - the Digital Face Platform (phase 2) - employs advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence models to connect specific face skin type/conditions with appropriate skin products and procedures.

- Historic Milestone (Phase 1 – completed in 2015)

  • In June 2015, SkintechMD launched its prelude to the Digital Face Platform - CosScan
  • CosScan is the world’s first optical character recognition, algorithm-based cosmetic mobile app scanner
  • CosScan is also the first Singapore app to be featured on the Discovery Channel USA.
  • See video on YouTube – type in “CosScan”