SPREAD Pte. Ltd.

Financial Services & Hr, Others

Company Overview

SPREAD is world's first Blockchain based Renewable Energy Funding & Trading Platform to accelerate energy transition and create a stronger circular economy around climate finance.

SPREAD is a digital Business-to-Business Renewable Energy Funding & Trading Platform which offers Tokenisation-as-a-Service to RE Asset Owners. Asset owners can list their RE Assets and collaborate with the other stakeholders to complete their Technical as well as Financial Due Diligence on the platform and thereby complete the Virtual Data Rooms for their assets. By leveraging Blockchain Technology, SPREAD offers a shared, permissioned ledger to all the stakeholders to create a more transparent and a highly efficient marketplace.

On the demand side, SPREAD offers a range of services to Investors from the financial industry (including Fund managers, accredited investors, development finance institutions, banks, family officers, etc.). Leveraging on digital technologies such as Blockchain, AI, ML and IoT, SPREAD enables these investors to optimise their mutual market positions for acquisition and selling of green-field or/and brownfield renewable projects and adjust their risk profile to their targeted yields and WACC.

On the supply side, SPREAD offers a range of services to asset owners from the renewables energy industry (including small to mid-size commercial and industrial customers, off-takers, power marketers, utilities etc), project developers, independent power producers (IPPs) to create Utility of Security Tokens and thereby converting their highly illiquid assets to highly liquid assets.


                  Listing of REN Assets / Projects

                  Collaboration Tools for Completion of Virtual Data Room

                  Due Diligence Facilitation

                  A shared, permissioned ledger (single source of truth)

                  Portfolio Creation

                  Tokenisation-as-a-Service (Utility as well as Security Tokens)

                  Price Optimisation and

                  Deal Sourcing