Telepod Pte Ltd


Company Overview

Telepod is a transportation and tech startup which provides urban mobility and last mile solutions. They offer 3 core services: (i) Dockless e-scooter sharing system with designated zone control, (ii) e-scooter rental/leasing, and (iii) last-mile delivery solution for parcels & e-commerce.


Hassle-free city living with our dockless e-scooter sharing

Download our user-friendly and streamlined app to pick up a scooter at any of our stations in CBD and one-north. The caveat of e-scooter sharing is that you get to enjoy the trip, get to where you need to be quickly, without worrying about traffic jams or bus arrival delays!

Ready to end your trip? Just park your Telepod scooter and scan the return QR code at the designated stations - it’s that easy.

Smart security system

Our in-house technology system will activate and track any unauthorised scooter removal from the stations in real-time, 24/7. So beware, bandits!

Travelling made magic-easy

At Telepod, we believe that travelling ought to be seamless. This is why we work hard to develop both backend algorithm systems and robust logistical front-lines, optimising our scooter distribution based on users’ demand and commuting habits. That means you'll find our scooters at the right time and at the right place.