Be it information and communications technology, engineering, life sciences or energy, NTUitive helps inventors take their technologies to market, generating social and economic benefits. The most common way of commercialisation is through licensing. At NTUitive, we collaborate with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs) to help them with their technology needs. Our technology development team actively reach out to potential licensees, giving them the opportunity to evaluate the latest inventions from our laboratories. Another way of commercialisation is through the creation of new companies in the form of spin-offs. We are also open to exploring novel approaches to licensing, including reciprocal arrangements, joint venture formation and industry collaboration at the R&D stage.

To learn more about commercialising technologies in different domains, please contact our Technology Development team.

Domain Name & Email
ICT & New Media Dr Chava Saradhi
Healthcare Dr Tay Puei Nam
Engineering (Electrical & Electronics)

Mr Loh Wye Boon
Mr Hendra Widoyoko

Engineering (Material Science) Mr Frank Peltner
Engineering (Mechanical & Aerospace) Dr Hung Kin Chew Richard
Engineering (Photonics) Dr Soo Choi Pheng