Technology Overview

Dexterous manipulation in the micro-world is a challenging problem due to the limitations in sensing and actuations at the micro-scale. Unlike human hands or multi-fingered robot hands in the macro-world which can manipulate any object easily and skillfully, current micro-manipulators can only be used for very simple and limited manipulation tasks.This technology offer enables dexterous manipulation tasks on objects of arbitrary types (materials, shapes, sizes) in the micro-world, which can function as a similar role as a human hand or multi-fingered robot hand in the macro-world.

Potential Applications

The technology enables dexterous manipulation of arbitrary objects in the micro-world. The primary applications include micro-assembly, micro-manipulation, integrated circuit fabrication or micro-fabrication, biological applications and clinical diagnosis.

Customer Benefits

The laser-driven fingers conceived are effective, easy to use and integrate into a micro-manipulation system. The usage of laser-driven fingers allows the precise, productive, and reliable manipulation of arbitrary objects (materials, shapes, sizes) in the micro-world.