Technology Overview

Crowd Simulation is an AI library that is equipped with a comprehensive set of tools to enable easy creations of group behavioural animations that are provided with flexible controls over the formation shape and movements of groups or flocks, which is extremely useful and valuable for rapid digital games development and simulation.

Potential Applications

Advancements in the field of digital games have evolved significantly in the recent decades and becoming ever more complex in-game content. Thus, modelling of natural and social phenomena including virtual agent crowd behaviours and the flocking behaviours within groups of agents is fundamentals to instil the traits of vibrancy and realism in the digital games.

Market Trends and Opportunities

It has been foreseen by many game developers and researchers that improved game artificial intelligence (AI) shall be one of the future trends that possess great potentials in enhancing users’ gaming experiences. Among the various AI technologies, modelling the natural and social phenomena of group behaviours is one part that is deemed as essential to instil vibrancy, realism and believability in the 3D virtual world of the game.


Customer Benefits

Crowd Simulation is a crowd simulation plugin developed for game developers. It is designed to enhance your creativity and improve productivity. A user can easily simulate a crowd of hundreds and even up to a thousand autonomous individual characters. To achieve this, we have created a suite of scripts and libraries from the ground up that provides a more intuitive and natural way of creating stunning crowd simulations.