About Us

NTU Innovation Centre (NIC)

NTUitive is situated at the NTU Innovation Centre, located at the heart of the University, with a prime location next to the Arc as well as the North Spine Plaza – the focal point for student extracurricular activity and recreation.

The NTU Innovation Centre is designed to foster closer integration not only between and among NTUitive and our start-ups and spin-offs, but also between the various units within NTUitive, to facilitate greater operational efficiency in the provision of programmes and platforms that we run for the University. 

With multiple co-working spaces, new open laboratories for dry and wet work (including a Class 1000 cleanroom), and the Connect71 Cafe, it is truly a hive of activity and inspiration.    

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71 Nanyang Drive #03-01 (Singapore 638075)
+65 6790 4954 (T)
+65 6792 1737 (F)