Intellectual Property & Invention Disclosures

NTU faculty are welcome to contact NTUitive for any of the following:

  • To file an Invention Disclosure;
  • To apply for NRF Proof of Concept Grants;
  • To negotiate IP terms related to a research collaboration agreement; with an industry partner; and/or
  • To seek industry’s relevant inputs for grant applications;
  • Discuss potential commercial applications of on-going research work.


The completed Invention/Technology Disclosure Form, together with a detailed write-up of the invention/technology and other supporting documents, where applicable, should be sent to NTUitive via email at [email protected].

NTU employees can view NTU’s Intellectual Property Policy and Procedure on NTU’s Policy Portal under the header ‘Research & Innovation’.

To request for the Declaration of Mandatory Disclosure Form for IP developed under Part 5.1.2(b) of NTU IP Policy, please send us an email at [email protected]Please be reminded that the completed Declaration of Mandatory Disclosure Form for IP must be submitted to NTUitive and verified by NTUitive before there can be any IP filings and/or commercialisation of the IP.

For reporting of IP infringement matters related to Licensed NTU IP according to Part 5.5 of NTU IP Policy and Part 3.8 of NTU IP Procedure, you may email to [email protected]