Grants & Funding

Need funding support to set up your first start-up? Need help with R&D costs in developing your proof-of-concept project? Or to explore overseas markets? NTUitive provides assistance to applicants to the following grants:


Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Fund

Up to $10,000

Funding to further develop ideas and to determine their viability as a business offering. Open to existing NTU staff, students and alumni.


NTUitive Gap Fund (POC Grant)

Up to $250,000

Funding for beyond Proof-Of-Concept development. Open to NTU researchers to facilitate the commercialisation of technologies developed in NTU, the grant will go towards supporting the developmental cost in building a fully functional prototype.

NTU researchers can contact NTUitive for more info.


Startup SG Founder “Start Track” Grant

Up to $50,000

Open to a team of at least 3 SC/PR founders, of which at least 2 must be first-time entrepreneurs, holding a differentiated business idea with a sustainable business model, sizeable market opportunities and a strong management team. The proposed business must not have been registered for more than 6 months, and the 3 main SC/PR applicants must hold at least 30% equity in the company collectively, not be employed by another employer, and at least 2 must be committed full-time and key decision-makers in the company.


Equity Fund

To be deployed on a case-by-case basis.