Mobile 5G Trend, Private LTE & Future 5G-enabled Innovations

You may have heard of the up-and-coming 5G mobile cellular communications system capable of providing a far higher level of performance than previous generations of systems. Driven by the need to provide connectivity for a diverse range of applications, 5G is also an essential catalyst for the Industry 4.0 transformation.

There is also an increasing trend amongst big enterprises and industries wanting to have total isolation from the Internet and public networks to be more secure from unknown cybersecurity threats. As such, Private Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks are often used as it is congestion-free, allowing remote piloting and control of autonomous machines.

Join us at MakanNight! to learn all about the mobile 5G trend, Private LTE, as well as potential new innovations that can be enabled by 5G!

About the Speaker:

Dr PS Tang

Managing Director, AreteM  l  Mentor, NTUitive

Dr PS Tang is a Steering Committee Member of Global TD-LTE Initiatives, a global mobile operators association that has influence in the development and adoption of 5G technology in the mobile industry.  He is also the Managing Director of AreteM Pte Ltd, a licensed private network operator by IMDA Singapore.

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