MakanNight! Talk: Creating a Sustainable Future with AI

Having been through a gruelling AI winter between 2 AI waves since 35 years ago, there are many great lessons learned that we can ensure the current wave of AI innovation is indeed sustainable.

James will share his view on Sustainable AI in 3 aspects of technological, commercial and impactful and the 3 key fusion points we should address in the AI ecosystem from scientific research to start-up commercialization and corporate AI adoption.



Dr James Ong, Founder and MD, Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII)

Dr. James Ong is an entrepreneur and community builder who has incubated, invested and mentored various technology start-ups and he is actively involved in the AI and tech ecosystem in China and ASEAN. He is the founder and CEO of Origami that provides strategy, technology and investment advisory services for venturing towards Autonomous Enterprise where he has more than 35 years of experience on digital transformation in Asia, US and Europe across multiple industry verticals.

James founded Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII), a think tank advocating Sustainable AI for Humanity. He is also adjunct professor at SUTD and serves as mentor at NUS, SUTD and NTU. He started his career as an AI scientist at leading US MCC research lab on advanced AI Fifth Generation Computer research and received his PhD in Management Information System specializing on AI for Business Process Automation and MA & BA in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.


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