[MakanNight! Talks] Starting-up? READY, GET SET, GO!


Getting Your Startup from Idea to Business

Our guest speaker, serial entrepreneur, Mr Ajay Sharma, will be discussing the critical issues and challenges faced by start-up companies and strategies for success.   


Guest speaker:

Mr Ajay Sharma

Co-founder of Kloneworld, Diglog, CodingJr, Autogram, House of Stars and Flowering Tree Investment Management

Co-founder of Flowering Tree, he is a top-rated Equity Analyst, IIT Varanasi, IIM Ahmedabad. He has been an active investor and a serial entrepreneur, living in Singapore. He has worked in some of leading global corporates viz. Morgan Stanley, CLSA, and co-founded a Hedge Fund investing in Asia. He has a passion for Start-ups and have co-founded few and invested in many. He has interacted with a diverse group of people in the past two decades. He also likes to listen to stories and learn from people's experiences.


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