[16 JUL] NTUitive Webinar Series - Future Metaskills & How to Secure Your Future by Manoj Sharma

NTUitive Webinar Series - Future Metaskills & How To Secure Your Future by Manoj Sharma

If we were living in an uncertain world due to the AI disruption before COVID-19, what sort of world are we heading towards now? 

Come join us for a dialogue on what's happening, what's likely to happen and how it might impact employers and employees alike. Learn a little something about future metaskills, a skills future, what employers are looking for and consider what you specifically might need to do to remain gainfully employed. Also, gain some tools you can use either for yourself or your organisation to see where things stand.

About the Speaker

Manoj Sharma is the Chief Facilitator of ManojSharma.com and also the CEO of CusJo.com, a smart survey + A.I. company that assists enterprises with their talent optimisation, customer experience and market research analytics needs.

REGISTER NOW: https://bit.ly/nws16july