Accelerated Analytics with NVIDIA Workshop 101


The NVIDIA Inception team has put together a series of 101 workshops designed for developers, startups and students to be educated on strategic applications on Data Science, Computer Vision and Conversational AI. These technical workshops will cover some of NVIDIA's key SDKs and hands-on training with our technical experts.

Whether you work at a startup or software company that needs to improve customer retention, or a financial services company that needs to mitigate risk, or a retail company interested in predicting customer purchasing behavior, your organization is tasked with preparing, managing, and gleaning insights from large volumes of data without wasting critical resources. Traditional CPU-driven data science workflows can be cumbersome, but with the power of GPUs, your teams can make sense of data quickly to drive business decisions.

In this first workshop, you’ll gain an overview on how to build and execute end-to-end GPU-accelerated data science workflows. We will begin with RAPIDS™-accelerated data science libraries, followed by an intro to accelerating ETLs with Spark 3.0. Subsequently we will delve into designing Recommender Systems using Merlin. Finally you will see how to stitch all these libraries together into a production system by leveraging Nvidia Triton – our end-to-end MLOps platform.


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