NTU Entrepreneurship & Startup Training (N.E.S.T) Programme


Upcoming Run:  February 2023  l  in-person

**Check back this page for updates on the dates and venue**


About NTU Entrepreneurship Start-Up Training (N.E.S.T) Programme 

By the end of the programme, you will understand:

1. The 101's of starting a business - how do you get a business started and grow it?

2. How do you determine who are your users and customers?

3. How to build the right product - are you solving your users' and customers' "pains"?

4. How do you know you have enough market segments to generate a sustainable profit?

5. What are your next steps start-up - growth or upsell to existing users?


Who can join?

Open to NTU students (undergraduates and postgraduates), staff, faculty, and alumni, who are

  • Interested to learn entrepreneurship
  • New or not-so-new to the startup journey/business world
  • Seeking incubation support or grant application at NTU 


Program Format

  • 1-day bootcamp* led by a seasoned instructor and entrepreneur

*Do note that the Bootcamp is not an ideation playground.


If you are seeking funding post-bootcamp, you will be required to:

  • Submit a pitch deck
  • Conduct a min. of 20 interviews

Engage in a 45 mins consultation with the instructor