NTUitive @ SWITCH 2022

NTUitive will be at SWITCH Singapore 2022 from 25 – 28 October!

Drop by the NTUitive Booth at SB-01, and check out our start-up and spin-off showcases there:

intobyte Pte Ltd / CityMoS – CityMoS is a next-generation mobility platform capable of microscopic simulation of city-scale transport systems at high resolution, covering all aspects of private, public, and commercial transport, making it the ideal platform to support novel ITS solutions and the transition to more sustainable mobility. https://citymos.net/

Dietrics Pte Ltd - Dietrics is South East Asia’s first nano-fibre food ingredient company that aims to provide tasty, healthier and natural foods. Its first proprietary product targets at the global problem of obesity. With Dietrics’ nanofiber ingredient, fat absorption can be reduced by 36%. There is no change in taste, texture and formulation and the source comes from natural and sustainable sources. Beyond the nanofiber, there could be other nano ingredients that could confer health benefits to the body. https://www.dietrics.sg/

FasRaP Pte Ltd - FasRaP is a modern day solution for blast protection and concrete strengthening. Using a proprietary production and application method, FasRaP allows for a glass-fibre reinforced polymer to be applied onto concrete structures like a “double-sided tape” onsite, increasing the consistency and productivity of the reinforcement process. https://www.fasrap.com/

getArrange.com - getArrange.com is the leading company that successfully marries estate planning and financial advisory. Financial advisers use us to directly create Wills for their clients, connect them with a range of services and even to show how their life can be affected by events and plans on an interactive chart. https://getarrange.com/

Paratlas Private Limited - We create Codeless 3d storytelling tools. https://www.linkedin.com/company/paratlas/

Red Dot Analytics Pte Ltd - RDA provides enterprise solutions, based on award-winning AI and digital twin technologies, for data center operators to improve energy efficiency and enhance business resilience, toward a sustainable future. Specifically, RDA's solution integrates digital twin and AI technologies into one holistic approach, using the physical systems as the optimization targets. Digital twin represents a multiphysics and multiscale simulation model for the physical data centre and its affiliated circular energy system. https://www.rda.ai/

Wecome Pte Ltd - Wecome Pte Ltd is an NTU-incubated start-up, focusing on providing full-chain F&B solutions and integrating state-of-the-art technologies to build the next-gen connected F&B community. https://wecome.sg/


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