Singapore is a world leader in the development of innovative separation technologies, especially in the area of Water, where it is recognised as a global Hydrohub. Several novel technologies have been developed by our research institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning. Our next step is to accelerate the translation of these technologies into unique, commercially viable products.

One of the biggest challenges for commercialisation of IP-protected novel technologies, is the translation gap between laboratory processes, results and testing, and full-scale final product. The translation of lab - scale technologies directly to the final industry application would involve a significant risk in most cases. This translation gap comprises several key challenges, including the scaling-up of component materials and equipment, systems level thinking, and testing at the pilot scale in an actual application setting. 

The Separation Technologies Applied Research and Translation (START) Centre is set up as a national-level facility to bridge this gap, and to provide significant risk mitigation for the commercialisation of materials, equipment and processes related to separation technologies. The benefits are manifold. START serves as a vital platform for academic and research institutions to transform their innovative technologies into commercial products for key industry players.