Lean LaunchPad (LLP)

The Lean LaunchPad (LLP) programme was launched in 2013 to help research scientists and engineers turn their inventive technologies into commercially viable products and feasible business ventures.

Modelled on the US National Science Foundation I-Corps programme and taught at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, the programme is adapted for the local context, designed as an evidence-based innovation platform for the commercialisation of deep technologies.

Satellite Node

Since 2018, NTU serves as a decentralised Satellite Node to conduct the LLP programme and catalyse the engagement of academic researchers from all publicly-funded institutes to the programme.

The satellite node network will scale up the market potential assessment of more technological innovations, to generate a pipeline of commercialisable technologies that may flow into downstream follow-on programmes.


The LLP program was a tremendous help to tailor our wide business vision into a defined core value-orientated business product. Together with the excellent mentorship provided through the program, we were able to build relationships across Singapore and Asia, with some of whom we now established partnerships or transforming the relation into paying customers. We encourage everyone with a promising idea to participate and validate your business aspirations.
Through the LLP program, we have devised a solid commercialization plan and identified a strong customer base for the project. Most importantly, we have also rebuilt our team, they are much stronger than ever before.

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